Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Another Budget Blog...

To be perfectly honest, the original purpose of this blog was to fulfill a class assignment. My classmates and I were asked to start a blog, which was to be updated regularly, as part of our beat reporting class. Having started a fashion and lifestyle blog of my own in January, I've learned (mostly through lots of trial and error and hours spent in front of my laptop) both how time consuming blogging can be aand how essential blogging is.

Since starting Coffee over Conversation in January, I've used my blog to network, procrastinate and, most importantly, master the art of train of thought writing. I'm kidding, of course, or at least I think I am...but enough about C/C.

The topic at hand here is this blog, Another Budget Blog, which, ironically, is not just another budget blog. *Note: This is not so much clever, as it is sort of lame, but I'm ok with that.* The premise of this blog is a rather selfish one. You see, I have a bit of a spending problem (understatement). I'm not up to my ears in debt, but I could stand to be a bit more thrifty. With the help of this blog I hope to gain a greater understanding of why my generation and me (...and I?) spend the way we do?

You all can look forward to saving tips, a breakdown of the spending habits of an average NYU student (me) and a few articles. Be excited. I am.

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