Friday, September 12, 2008


If I'm not tired, I'm hungry and I usually get really cranky when either one gets the best of me. Also, I find that my most of my actions are driven by emotion, meaning that when I'm tired, I buy coffee, when I'm hungry I spend $8 on a salad (noy very budget friendly). So today I set a goal not to spend any money on meals and guess what: I DID IT!

Breakfast: Coffee and Fruit
Lunch: The best salad I think I've ever made
Dinner: Spinach Lasagna (prepackaged, I'm not that kitchen savvy)
Dessert: Strawberries and Nutella (yum)

...and in case hunger hit in transit, the 5 y/o in me packed a snack of Cheerios.

All food: courtesy of my pantry and fridge.

On average I saved about $9.50. And best of all, it wasn't that hard. The only "cooking" involed was boiling some penne for the salad.

The moral of the story: Homemade meals save money. Who knew?

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