Friday, September 26, 2008

I’m Giving Up Coffee, Well Buying It Anyway

Still no money spent this week. Whenever I pass a newsstand, eatery or department store I think about how far I’ve come and somehow manage to resist. Since I have to pass through Soho to get to my apartment in Tribeca, I’ve stopped walking down Broadway. Too many shops, too much temptation

I’ve checked my receipts and my average weekly grocery spending is about $18 and I spend about $10 at drug stores and on coffee. So, I’ve saved almost thirty dollars this week. This is of course an experiment and I will still need to buy groceries and the appropriate toiletries, but I guestimate that I can reasonably save about $5+ a week/$20+ a month if I cut out extraneous coffee and breakfast muffin purchases. A step in the right direction, no? Coffeemaker, here I come!

Also, I remembered researching this site for an article that I did for a journalism class last year. It’s called Free NYC. Who knew there was so much to do for free in the city? With the high cost of living, I guess something’s got to give…and free is, after all, my favorite price.

Money Spent Today: $0


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