Sunday, November 9, 2008

A Rise in Volunteering?

Post-graduate volunteering has always been a possibility with younger Gen Yers, but with the currenly competitive/unpredictable job market coule volunteering be on the rise. This article seems to think so.

"College Volunteering Rises Sharply"

Tha article is a bit dated, but only by a few years. Plus, a 20% increase is nothing to scoff at. I'm sort of shocked thatt NY had one of the lowest percentage of college students volunteering. Lots of CUNY and SUNY schools mean that there's plenty of students to do the volunteering. Also, rises began after 9/11 which happened in NYC. Maybe the high cost oythinf living and pressure to work had something to with it. I wonder if current elevated competition in the job market has changed anything...


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