Sunday, November 9, 2008

Episodic Volunteering?

My last post mentioned a trend called "episodic volunteering." In a nut shell, it can be described as short-term volunteering (sometimes among different charities), rather than committing oneself to a few charities long-term. Episodic volunteers often have busy schedules or other social commitments-sound familiar. I suspect that many college students, myself included can be lumped into this category.

There are three types of episodic volunteering, according to The Points of Flight Foundation:

"Types of Episodic Volunteering

Event based: One-day special events such as the national days of service...

Project based: Projects that occur in the community that are planned throughout the year or are undertaken to address a particular need...

Program-based: Efforts that have an on going need and do not require specialized skills can engage volunteers on a flexible basis... "

They also offer tips in getting started as a volunteer for nay organization. Check them out!


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